As a director, editor or creative director, you can’t ignore the leap of technology offered by visual effect’s tools!

We’re holding a fantastic FREE workshop on August 27th from 4 to 6 PM here at #thelab so you can master visual effects whatever your media content is!

Visual effects for directors workshop will let you know exactly what to do on the set, to understanding the science and the art behind visual effects, also you will know why visual effects is the best set of tools for creative minds to apply their vision into their piece of work, if it was a movie, commercial or even and TV station identity which has to satisfy certain level of creativity.

You will have the chance to understand how movies like Lord of the rings, Avatar and kingkong, and Transformers, changed the way we used to see movies forever, also you will learn how to communicate with visual effects team using visual effects terminology and methodology.

What will be covered?

• What is VFX (Visual effects)?

• history, timeline and its applications in the cinema and media fields.

• Visual effects 3D and 2D tools.

• Visual effects workflow and pipeline.

• How to supervise your shooting for later VFX work.

• how to convert your creative ideas into applicable work.

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