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We have gathered all the fun this summer to give you a creative, melodic adventure of a lifetime! Summer Camp by Creative Lab is back with an exciting in-person experience and all new musical notes to inspire youths, apply their creativity and learn something remarkable through workshops and mentorship programs led by industry experts.

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Summer Camp by Creative Lab

Our curated program is jam-packed with hands on creative activities to give your children a fun and enriching experience.

Directing a Music Video

Lights. Camera. Action! Students will discover everything about directing music videos.

How to use Hip Hop to Make Art

Students will learn how to write a rap song, and then perform in groups.

Act with Sound Effects with Majid TV

Students will be trained on superhero animation character Zakia’s voice over and sound effects to perform with Majid TV crew.

Jingle Production with Berklee Abu Dhabi

Students will learn basics of making music for advertising and commercial use and apply the knowledge and technical skills required on a Digital Audio Workstation.

Talent Show

Students will be showing their musical talents from writing and singing, to performing and playing instruments.

Designing Music

Students will learn how to design sound in films.

Historic Rhythms with Qasr Al Hosn

Experience musical rhythms from the past through a tour of Al Hosn site and learn about the traditional performances that combine movement, poetry, and music.

How can you create notes of fun?

This in-person experience will nurture your creative flair; you will be coached by industry experts while having fun and meeting new friends.

Learn it

From sound effects, to rap music and directing a music video, participants will learn the tips the tricks of many creative industries.

Make it

Campers will come up with their music ideas and create new notes, through sessions like jingle production, sound design in film scenes, voice acting and a lot more.

Showcase it

At the end of the program, campers will graduate with an understanding of the music industry, a range of melody ideas and pieces that they will show to their friends and family.


You heard it here first

The 7th annual edition of Summer Camp by Creative Lab is truly exciting and reflects our commitment to UAE youths. It is important to give them opportunities and platforms to express themselves and unleash their potential. These young creatives can become the next champions of the media industry and leave their mark in our world, so it is wonderful to play a role in helping them explore and discover their creativity and intuition.

-Michael Garin, CEO, twofour54

Summer Camp by Creative Lab is a great initiative because it gives young creatives the opportunity to explore different career paths or fields they may be interested in or curious to learn more about and potentially pursue in the future.

-Zeena Saifi, Mentor from CNN

One of the main reasons I joined the camp was due to the numerous activities available, which I felt was not present in other camps, especially for older youth.

-Athba Albehzad, Camper

The camp played a huge role in my summer as it sparked a creative light within me. Every year, Summer Camp by Creative Lab comes up with new activities and ideas that are a blast!

-Ali Al Nowais, Volunteer


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If you have other questions, feel free to send us an email at

My child doesn’t know anything about media, is that okay?

Yes, it is okay. Summer Camp by Creative Lab welcomes all skill levels. If they are passionate and dedicated, we are here to teach them everything they need to know about the world of media and entertainment.

My child loves food, is lunch break provided?

Yes, there are two daily allocated times for breaks. One at 11:00 – 11:30 AM and the other one at 1:00 – 2:00 PM for lunch.

What is the classroom set up look like?

The campers will be divided into groups and will be a mix of boys and girls aged 9-12 years. The duration of the Summer Camp by Creative Lab is two weeks From Monday to Thursday.

What is the format of the Summer Camp by Creative Lab?

Campers will have different interactive workshops and activities throughout the day. Registration will begin daily at 9:00 AM.

Does my child need to bring anything?

All equipment will be provided at the facility. All workshops and activities are conducted in English language.

What if my child has to leave earlier on a specific day?

This is a comprehensive course, and we recommend each camper attends all workshops and activities. However, if they need to leave early on a specific day, please send us an email at and we will arrange accordingly.

What if my child wants to leave half way through the camp?

Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued. However, we are confident your child will have a blast at Summer Camp by Creative Lab!


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